Planting Design for Dry Gardens


Planting Design
for Dry Gardens

de Olivier Filippi,

aux éditions Filbert Press

format 24 x 32 cm, 

240 pages, 425 photos

ISBN 978-0-99338-920-7


Le livre Planting Design for Dry Gardens est la version anglaise de Alternatives au gazon.  


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"In Planting Design for Dry Gardens Olivier Filippi has charted a future for garden and planting Design. Combining authoritative practical advice with deep ecological insight, Olivier shows how learning from nature can give us the best of all worlds: beautiful and sustainable gardens with a unique sense of place. I challenge anyone not to be inspired by this important work". Nigel Dunnett



Maintaining a lawn is hard work, particularly in dry regions, and there are so many attractive alternatives that are less demanding on time and water resources. In this exhilirating book, Olivier Filippi proposes a selection of dynamic, low-maintenance options that might just consigh lawn to history.


The gravel gardens, "freedom lawns", green carpets, flowering steppes and plant-and-stone terraces featured here make attractive additions to the garden and are highly practical if you choose the right option for your climate, soil conditions and intended use.


Filippi shares his unparalleled knowledge of dry region plants in relation to planting design, planting selection, establishment, maintenance and watering regimes. The A-Z plant directory of 200 groundcovers recommended for dry gardens is a unique resource and the book in elivened by more than 400 exceptional photographs of plants in both wild and garden situations.


This book is for dry region gardeners in particular, and for anyone who wishes to reduce the maintenance and water demands of their garden and cretae an outdoor space that is dynamic, environmentally responsible and unexpectedly beautiful.



A selection of reviews by Filbert Press:


"This is a generously illustrated, thought-provoking and practical book. It is a must-have for anybody interested in creating dry and low-maintenance gardens."
Jackie Herald MSGD, Garden Design Journal, May 2016. Read full review

"This tour de force, published in its original 2011 French edition as Alternatives au Gazon, is an expert and inspiring manual on different ways of carpeting a garden with rewarding and distinctive waterwise groundcover.
Alisdair Aird in The Mediterranean Garden No 84, April 2016

"What I love about this book is that it will sit on the shelf quite comfortably with Beth Chatto’s The Dry Garden, and a select few books on Mediterranean-style gardening, to be referred to time and time again for inspiration. And, although Filippi has written it from the point of view of cultivation in dry conditions, I cannot overestimate how useful this book will be to gardeners, enthusiasts and students in wetter areas of the UK as well."
Robert Brett, RHS magazine The Plantsman June 2016. Read full review

"At last, the English edition of the 2011 Alternatives au Gazon, just as good with the same ravishing photos and great advice, and planting lists for various situations on the dry garden. The quality of this book puts it head and shoulders above any other, offering advice on the subject of lawn removal and alternative planting."
Rosie Peddle, Portugal Resident Magazine

"It is a very comprehensive book, and beautifully illustrated. It speaks with gentle authority; the kind of wisdom that grows over time; time spent deeply immersed in the world of plants closely observed and intimately known. Highly recommended."
Trevor Nottle, Mediterranean Garden Society, Australia

"I loved this book: its large format, robustly bound with good paper, beautiful pictures and intelligent text. Throughout, Filippi makes clear the interplay of nature and gardening, and the result is a book the I can wholeheartedly recommend."
Malcolm McGregor, Rock Garden Quarterly, USA. Read full review

"This attractive, comprehensive work shows how to care for many kinds of beautiful, drought-resistant gardens. It will be savored by gardeners living in Mediterranean-type climates.'
Sue O'Brien, Library Journal, June 2016

"Well researched and scholarly, this book is also packed with practical horticultural advice that is rooted on Filippi's extensive experience of making gardens and studying landscapes. It would be an invaluable resource for anyone struggling to create green spaces in hot, dry climates."
John Hoyland, Gardens Illustrated. Read full review

"Olivier Filippi, with the aknowledged support of Clara, has compiled an inspiring work on designing with appropriate and stylish plants to create water-conserving landscapes."
Jeff Rosendale, Pacific Horticulture, Fall 2016. Read full review